Questions About Tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions


The tattoo price depends on the size and details of the artwork, as well as the area of the body where you are planning to have it. Fortunately, we do offer a free design at our Helsinki Tattoo Studio to help you get started. Book a time or contact us for more information!


Yes, it is possible to cover healed wounds and scars with a tattoo. You could also cover up old undesired, or bad tattoos with a new one.


The sun fades the colour of everything, as well as the colour of the tattoo over the years. To protect the tattoo, you should take extra good care of it in the first few weeks. It is recommended to apply sunscreen to protect the tattoo from direct sunlight exposure, especially in the summer.


A tattoo can be removed through laser treatment. Laser detects and breaks intense black colour; therefore, it is more effective on the black tattoos, whereas the larger colourful ones are more time-consuming to remove. Regardless of the colour, it is a common place for a scar to remain on the removed tattoo area after the laser treatment. 


Those under the age of 18, those with epilepsy, hemophilia, or a heart condition can’t have a tattoo. Those who have had jaundice in the last year, those under the influence of alcohol, those who have a physical, mental, medical disability, or discomfort to decide to have a tattoo can’t get a tattoo.


It is generally described as a slight stinging sensation. The level of pain varies depending on the body part. The skills of the tattoo artist and the quality of the materials are also very important.


You should not remove the stretch film applied by your tattoo artist for 3 hours. In the first three days, clean your tattoo 2-3 times a day with clean and cold drinking water. We recommend you not to use a loofah or a sponge. After the third day, wash your tattoo with clean hands, antibacterial soap, and apply the cream. While your tattoo is healing, protect it from sunlight and sea, as well as avoid going to a sauna for 4-5 weeks. 


In places such as the groin area, waist area, deformation may occur due to conditions such as excessive lubrication and rapid weight loss. During pregnancy, deformation may also be seen due to excessive enlargement of the abdominal area and subsequent cracks. 


 Tattoos aren’t related to the seasons. After you get a tattoo you have to avoid activities like sunbathing and swimming. However, tattooing under normal conditions doesn’t affect your daily life. When the tattoo is healed, it is enough to apply sunscreen to protect your tattoo while going out in the sun.